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Урок мужества в день знании

В рамках информационно-пропагандисткой работы с допризывной молодежью в свете реализации Послания Главы государства народу Казахстана «Казахстанский путь – 2050: Единая цель, единые интересы, единое будущее», 1-2 сентября Военный институт Национальной гвардии Республики Казахстан проводил открытые уроки в школе №9 и колледже искусств для одаренных детей музыкально-эстетического уровня в городе Петропавловске под названием «Урок патриотизма и […]

Day of sport

At Military institute of National guard of the Republic of Kazakhstan on August 17, 2014 the chair of physical preparation and sport conducted the sports festival devoted to Day of sport and tourism.
2nd educational battalion, battalion of ensuring educational process, the cadets who arrived in Military Educational Institutions of the Russian Federation, faculty of professional […]

On August 9, 2014 at Military institute of the National Guard of the Republic of Kazakhstan took place the adoption of the Military oath by the cadets of the first course coming to the highest military institutions of the Russian Federation. 29 cadets in a festive atmosphere swore on fidelity to the Homeland.
«Today, we become […]

To serve the Homeland Adequately!

In Petropavlovsk there took place the ceremony of adoption of the military oath young replenishment in m/u 6637 and Military institute of National Guard of the Republic of Kazakhstan. On fidelity the Fatherland was sworn 181 servicemen. Akim of the North Kazakhstan area Eric Sultanov congratulated on this important event of children.
In Victory Park this […]

My language is my wealth

In order to learn the state language, to improve the cohesion of the military groups and develop the educational process, the second stage of the competition called “State language is my language” was held on the 16th of July 2014 in the Military Institute of the National Guard of the Republic of Kazakhstan among the […]


On June 14, 2014 at Military institute of Internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan the significant event took place – this year the 14th release of officers was carried out. It the 2nd international and it is the 1st release of officers for National Guard of the Republic […]


Directly on May 7 and 9, and also on May 8 the military personnel of Military institute took active part in the festive events held in the city of Petropavlovsk under patronage of akimat of the North Kazakhstan area. In Day of the Batyr cadets provided a ceremony of flower-laying and wreaths to a monument […]

From the ship to the ball

On May 7, 2014 the staff of educational divisions stood on a front parade-ground of Military institute waiting for the chief of the Military institute. The chief of the institute only arrived from Astana where he was awarded by the state award «Aybyn» of ІІ-degree according to the Decree of the President of the Republic […]

Generals are always in the ranks

In the evening on May 5 for 2 battalions in the club of Military institute took place the traditional meeting of a final year with the veteran of Internal troops. This year as the guest of honor the legendary major general Tskhay Boris Alekseevich acted.
At the beginning of the Meeting the movie shot by […]

Without compromises

On May 3 passed the final stage of the city competition «Mamyr Zhuldyzdar» in which 13 owners of singing gift among whom is our cadet of 1st course Aybol Tazhibayev – awardee of the 1st award of the regional musical competition «Zhas Kanat»-2014 participated in a town house of culture. So here he was the […]

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